Hardware is tough. Maybe you have a good idea, but don’t have the background to translate that into a product. Maybe you have a design, but can’t get vendors to call you back. Maybe you have solid product, but the aesthetic or the ergonomics aren’t there yet, and you don’t want investors to see yet another 3D printed block of plastic with a couple of breadboards inside. Whatever the situation, whether its full support from concept to box, or just the occasional call to fill in some gaps in your process, we are here to help.

Product Design


We offer a complete design service, from initial concept drawing to the first parts of the assembly line. We specialize in unusual or challenging items, like limited run high-end products, or larger volume products that have unique design considerations. We can take your design and help you get it to market, or do the design work for you. We offer full prototyping services for machined products, molded products, electro-mechanical assemblies, 3D printed products, sheet metal, and more. If you need a service we don’t do in-house, we can work with one of our partners, or are also happy to work with anyone you bring on board. What we offer above and beyond other design firms is being able to combine industrial design with manufacturing know-how. Typically a design goes from designer to engineer, and there is a lot of back-and-forth getting the design turned into something manufacturable for a reasonable cost. Whether you need a quick-and-dirty minimum viable product, something stunning to wow potential investors, marketing photos or concept renders, or a finished production-model prototype, we have you covered.

Supply Chain


When your design is ready to move forward, you will either need to produce your product yourself or need to find the various vendors that will produce the parts. We can help. We navigate the maze for you, or help you along the way. We already have a deck of reliable suppliers we work with, but are happy to hunt down more if you have a unique need. We also offer a full Technical Data Package with every design. The TDP is the collection of CAD models, prints, and process documentation, so you can be sure you have everything you need to produce your product no matter where you take your business. Unlike some, we will never lock you into a particular supplier or vendor, and will always make sure your design is truly yours.

Turnkey Manufacturing

Should you decide you are better off producing your product in-house, but currently don’t have the capability, we offer a turnkey service. This consist of designing the production process, the equipment (where applicable), the jigs and fixtures, and getting you set up to do it all yourself. While this doesn’t make sense in many cases, sometimes a product might have a proprietary aspect, or involve a sensitive process, or you have a passion for what you do and can’t envision doing it any other way. If any of these apply to you, we can help, not only in the setup. but in troubleshooting and optimization down the track.

Marketing material


While we are not a graphic design firm, we do understand the need for marketing. We can work with your marketing firm or graphic designer to get you professional marketing material. We offer top-quality product renders and concept art to go along with any project, and are familiar with what your marketers are likely to need. We can also help with sourcing packaging and working with your marketing team to get your product’s branding aesthetic consistently reflected across the product, the packaging, and the marketing content.