We offer a variety of affordable services for job shops, niche manufacturers, large volume production shops, and design firms. While we are happy to fill your general design needs, we specialize in tricky and challenging CAD design, and getting that design made in a way that minimizes the impact on your bottom line.

Advanced Surface Modeling

Top-quality surfacing for any application, We support clients in a variety of industries, such as molding, composites, textiles, entertainment, and medical. Really anywhere you need clean, usable NURBS surfaces for difficult and challenging applications.


Tooling Design

Cost effective fixtures for complex parts. We design and produce vacuum fixtures, composite fixtures, and steel fixtures for contoured parts. We also produce composite tooling for a variety of manufacturing processes, such as resin infusion and RTM. From low-cost assembly jigs for short-run parts to purpose-built equipment for large volume production. Tell us about your unique needs.



Retopology is the practice of rebuilding surface and mesh models to make them usable. Applications include taking point 3D scan data and turning them into clean part models, taking digitally sculpted mesh models and turning them into NURBS surfaces for use in manufacturing, taking engineering models and turning them to meshes used for product renders, or taking messy or cumbersome CAD conversions and cleaning them up. Whether you are a medical company needing to mold realistic organic forms, a manufacturer reverse-engineering parts from scans, or an automotive engineer dealing with cross-platform conversions that just won’t behave, we can help.