Bringing modern design to your most challenging applications


Whether you are a hardware startup with no manufacturing experience, or an established manufacturer with a new product you need an unusual fixture for, we can help. We specialize in unique product design, quality prototyping. and making artistic or creative forms manufacturable. We also offer advanced surface modeling and retopology services, and pride ourselves in taking on the toughest modeling jobs.


For Manufacturers

Got a part with without a single flat side you don’t know how to hold? Got a messy laser scan or poor file conversion you have to turn into usable CAD? Do you want to add some artistic flair to a new product line? Go a CAD challenge no one else will touch, and you don’t want to pay for a full-time engineer?


For Startups

New to manufacturing? We can bring your ideas into reality with style. Full support from concept and design, to volume production. Prototypes, concept models, marketing renders, sourcing, and more.


For Creative Professionals

When you need to get your art into into a form engineers can use, beyond printing an stl from ZBrush, we can help.When you need to get from a mesh model from a scan turned into something clean and usable, let us know. If need to get your 2D art into a 3D product and can’t find a solution, or just need advice on how to get your inspiration translated into plastic and steel, we can help.